Tree Plantation Project By MUKTI at Raidighi, Sunderban across 3.5 Acre of Land

Tree Plantation by MUKTI

MUKTI has always had a dream to create a Botanical Garden at Sunderban, so that the local school students could get the opportunity to learn & study a wide variety of plants. This dream was finally initiated this year, when a tree plantation project was undertaken from 11th to 13th JULY 2015 by MUKTI’s Go Green team in Raidighi, Sunderban. During these three days, three separate plantation activities were undertaken:

(1) 3.5 acres of land were planted with 2500 plants that included more than 100 varieties of tropical fruits, flowers, and palms. The Go Green Team achieved this with the help of volunteers from the SAM project, Coaching Centre project, and local schools.

(2) Beautification of two ponds was initiated by introducing thousands of water Lily and Joba plants of more than five different varieties. 

(3) An Ayurveda garden was planted with a wide range of medicinal herbs. This is intended to address the great challenge of healthcare in the Sunderbans.

100% organic fertilizers were used in all these activities to complement SAM’s mission of encouraging organic farming.

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