Plant Distribution Event among Students in Collaboration with Rotary India

On 29th of September 2012 we had fruit plants distribution event in three different schools of Sunderban. The schools are 1) Gilerchhat High School, 2) Jogendrapur High School and 3) Madhusudanchak Bhagabati-NSK.

The complete programme was held at the premises of Galerchat High School with presence of personnel from UKTI and Rotary India. After the welcome session at the beginning of the event, complete plan and roadmap of the event were narrated and everyone including the students of the schools were appreciated.

The Secretary of MUKTI Biswanath Mandal, Mr Dasgupta of Rotary-India and Ashim Das from Mukti  provided their valuable speech on Global Warming and how Sunderban is affected by the same in very easy to understand language among students.

A workshop and awareness camp conducted among the students of the participating schools. Representatives from MUKTI, Rotary and School teachers were participated as the main trainer of this workshop. In this regards the Bengali language teacher Mr. Sarup Roy’s role was really appreciated and he put a lot of effort to make this workshop successful. Students were also given opportunity to express their own view on climate change which swallowing gradually the livelihood, destroying environment through polluting air & water, increasing water level by melting snow in the north and pushing towards unknown diseases. After the workshop students came out the hall with the promise of putting effort to prevent our mother nature from the hand of Global Warming. The scientists are now calculated that five millions deaths occur in each year from air pollution, hunger & disease as a result of climate change and carbon-intensity economics.

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