Control Global Warming, Save the Sunderban Rally


On 7 December, 2009, a rally program held from Victoria Memorial gate to Netaji Indoor Stadium to raise a voice against the Save the Sunderban Rallyglobal warming and the fatal impact of it on the delta region of Sunderban. Almost 30,000 people including environmental activists, journalists, common people and school students from different regions participated to that rally. They all raise their voice for the same issue. Activists of Mukti participated and spread their specific demands for sunderban at the program. Activists and members of Mukti distributed fliers and cards to the Honorable Minister Mr. Kanti Ganguly, honourable delegates Mr. P. K. Banerjee, Mr. Sailen Manna, Mr. Masdur Rehman, Mr. Santipada Ganchowdhury and others. They also distributed those papers to participating people, students and press journalists. 

At 10-30 am, the rally stared and reached the destination at about 12-30 pm. After a lunch break, Mukti attended the seminar inside the Netaji Indoor Stadium. Mukti took the initiative to launch a common forum to save and work for the Sunderban. They are inviting all likely minded people, NGOs and associations to join this forum and work together. The demands from Mukti are here:

  • We need a monitoring and measurement body, who will be continually monitoring Suderban, and design project for appropriate measurement.
  • Along with human flood relief centre, we need to setup sufficient wild animal rescue flood relief centres.
  • Sunderban need national and international fund to act for stopping deforestation, and increase forestation.
  • Climate change human and Save the Sunderban RallySave the Sunderban Rally refuges need proper rehabilitation where international organization/country must be funding for these.

It was a great success of MUKTI!!

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