What is Global Warming?

In simple words, Global Warming is nothing but increase of average surface temperature of our Earth due to increase of level of Greenhouse gasses. Carbon dioxide is one of such Greenhouse gasses which is being increased from its usual level due to deforestation and burning of fossil fuel. Basically these Greenhouse gasses are the main cause of trapping heats within Earth's atmosphere,  otherwise heat should have been realized to outside of Earth's atmosphere.   

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What is the cause of Global Warming and Climate Change?

Increase of level of Greenhouse gasses in Earth's atmosphere is the main cause of Global Warming and Climate change. Increase of Greenhouse gasses is caused by burning of fossil fuel and deforestation.

The other cause of Global Warming and Climate Change are thinning of Ozone layer in Earth's atmosphere. CFC's (Chlorofluorocarbon) and Methyl bromide are the main contributor of destroying the Ozone layer. Thinner Ozone layer causes more UV rays to reach in Earth's surface from Sun. CFCs are commonly used as refrigerants, solvents, and foam blowing agents.

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What is Greenhouse Gas?

Greenhouse gasses are the gas in Earth's atmosphere which absorbs and emits thermal infrared radiation. These Greenhouse gasses (GHG) are the main cause of of Greenhouse effect in Earth's surface.

The main Greenhouse gasses are Water Vapour, Carbon Dioxide, Methane, Nitrous oxide and Ozone.

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What is Greenhouse effect?

Greenhouse gasses absorb thermal radiation from Earth atmosphere and re-radiate them in every possible directions. These thermal radiation comes back to Earth surface and there by increases the average atmospheric temperature of Earth surface. In simple word we can think Greenhouse gasses act as a cover on top of Earth atmosphere, allows heat to comes down to Earth surface and block the heat going back to outside of Earth's atmosphere and therefore increases the atmospheric temperature of Earth surface. This whole process is known as Greenhouse effect.

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What is effect of thinner Ozone layer?

Atmospheric Ozone layer filters out many bad radiation (mainly UV (Ultra-Violet) rays) from Sun. Thinner Ozone layer causes UV rays to reach on Earth's surface very easily. This may cause Skin cancer, reduction in the production of crops and the destruction of phytoplankton.  

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Is Global Warming caused by human activities?

Obviously Yes! The increase of level of Carbon dioxide, which is one of the main Greenhouse gasses, is nothing but due to unplanned burning of fossil fuel due to industrialization and modern society. Reduction of forest lands to suffice the need of increased population is another cause of increase of Carbon dioxide.

Again, first 6 miles of Earth's atmosphere is very crucial of Earth's climate and we are heavily responsible to disturb the balance of this crucial part of atmosphere.

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Is Sunderban also affected by Global Warming?

World's largest mangrove forest is badly affected by Global Warming and Climate Change. Study revels that 28 cm in crease of sea level due to increase of temperature of Earth surface will be enough to submerge this World's Heritage site. More surprisingly we may see few islands of Sunderban are wiped out within next 100 years. So we have to act very fast to save this forest from the effect of Global Warming and Climate Change.

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Who is MUKTI?

MUKTI is a socio-economic development organization was setup in the year 2003 by a group of young and energetic people for human development in every sphere. MUKTI is registered under the Government of India Trust Act Section 64. It has an executive board that frames the policies and passes down action items to the ground level working committee. MUKTI works for the betterment of our society in every possible aspects.

To know more about MUKTI, please visit www.muktiweb.org

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Which is the area of operation of MUKTI?

MUKTI's work is not limited within any geographical boundaries. We work for every need people wherever they may be. But due lack of proper manpower and various other reasons we mainly concentrating at various parts of West Bengal, India. We actively work for the people and environment around Sunderban, The Sunderban is UNESCO declared World's Heritage site and having World's largest mangrove forest and various rare birds & animals.

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What MUKTI is doing to preserve Sunderban from the effect of Global Warming?

Since its inception MUKTI is working actively to minimize the effect of Global Warming on Sunderban. MUKTI has initiated various projects in this area for this cause. In past few years we have executed extensive plantation projects in this area. We have chosen such type plantations which can also help in economic growth of the area as well. One of such project is NaRKEL (Natural Revolution with K(C)oconut for Ecology and Livelihood) where thousands of Coconut trees were planted. Coconut trees are selected due to its ability to prevent soil erosion, availability of extensive by-products, low maintenance cost.

?MUKTI also has many projects on renewable energy. Solar lamp project is one of such where solar lamp are supplied among the villagers where electricity is not a choice. Villagers are also being trained to troubleshoot the lamps and associated accessories and there by enhancing local job opportunity.

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How can I be part of this mission of MUKTI?

MUKTI urge every individual to be part of this mission and help us to fight against Global Warming.

  • You can donate trees for plantation program
  • You can donate solar lamps under solar project
  • You can donate your valuable time and expertise as well towards the success of this mission

Please Contact Us further to help or to know how you can help us further.


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As an individual donor I want to donate trees, how I can do that?

Either you can use our Go Green Plantation Contact page to contact us, our volunteers will get in touch with you; or you can send donation amount as a cheque to MUKTI's city office and send the details to us using Plantation Contact Us page. We will do the plantation and will notify where and how much plantation carried out with your support. 

MUKTI City Office:

100/L Baisnabghata,
Patuli, Block – G
Kolkata – 700094
Phone : +91 33 24625544

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I am a Corporate Donor, how I can be part of your Go Green Plantation?

In past many renowned companies supported our Go Green Plantation initiatives. If you are Corporate donor and want to support our Go Green Plantation initiatives, please use Plantation Contact Us form to send your details to us. Our volunteers will get in touch with you.

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I am a Non-Profit organization, how can I be part of this Go Green Plantation?

We request non-profit organization to be our implementation partner for this Go Green Plantation initiative. If you want to support or want to be partner with MUKTI, please use our Go Green Plantation Contact Us form to contact us. Our volunteer will get in touch with you.

MUKTI has vast experience in the field of project implementation in different parts of Sundarban. With this knowledge of implementation we can work together towards a bigger goal.

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There can be different type of plants such as Coconut trees, different wood trees, fruit trees. We try to plant those type of trees which are having longer life cycle and having economical benefit as well. Economical benefit part of any tree goes back society either directly through villagers or through us. MUKTI has a standard rate card for each type of plant. These rate includes but not limited to cost of sapling, transportation charge if any, labor charge, maintenance charge (till the sapling gets to a position where no more maintenance required). 

Now based on this rate card and your contribution MUKTI will arrange appropriate plantation and you will be notified with the action taken.

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Can I ask tax exemption for my donation?

You can avail any applicable tax exemption under Income tax law 80G of Government of India. If you need a receipt of your donation, please request for the same using our contact us page.

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How to get the receipt after I made a donation?

After making the donation please send a mail to info@muktiweb.org with your complete postal address or call us with the donation details, purpose of the donation and your address, so that we can send you the receipt of your donation. Alternately please give us a call at any of the numbers given in the contact us page and we can arrange a collection (if only within Kolkata) and give you the receipt.

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What is the refund policy?

If you have made an error in making your donation or change your mind about contributing to MUKTI, we will happily refund your donation, provided that you contact us within 45 days of the donation being made. We will deduct a small administration fee of 5% to cover the costs of refunding your donation. Refunds are returned using the original method of payment. If you made your donation by card, your refund will be credited to the same card.

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How to request a donation refund?

To request a refund, just email info@muktiweb.org and include your name, address date of contribution made and donation amount.

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