Be An Activist

Be an activist and raise your voice to save the World Heritage site – The Sunderban!

Global Warming caused by us and we have to work hard to make our Earth a better place to live for our generations to come. Here are few simple tips by which you can reduce your personal contribution towards Global Warming.

  • Reduce Use of Fossil Fuel: Reduce the use of fossil fuel as much as possible. Instead of your own car, use more public transport such as train, bus etc. This helps saves from burning more fossil fuel. Plan your trip properly so that you can avoid unnecessary trips.
  • Reduce Electricity Consumption: Use electricity as less as possible. Use energy efficient lights and appliances. When any system not in use, make sure you turn those off. When any appliances are in switched off condition, remove them from plug point as well. Study reveled that this type of residual electricity loss is 5% of total consumption.
  • Use Recyclable Items: Use more and more recyclable items, to help our environment and maintain the ecological balance.
  • Help in Plantation: Encourage for more and more plantation and discourage any attempt to destroy forest. 
  • Use Renewable Energy: Use more and more renewable energy such as solar, wind energy. And encourage others to use renewable energy.
  • Help Enhancing Awareness: Help increasing the awareness among common people. Conduct & join awareness campaigns. Influence local Government to establish laws & policies against Global Warming & Climate Change. 

Join hands with MUKTI to fight against Global Warming and Save The Sunderban! Be part of Go Green Plantation >