Go Green Plantation

Plantation ProjectSince last couple years MUKTI has taken-up many projects in Sunderban area with huge plantation of trees. Coconut plantation project is one of the main area where along with the environment, economical growth of the area are also been considered and proved successful.

Last year (2011-2012) with the help of you, MUKTI were successful to plant 45,000 plants including Coconut, Devdaru and several other fruits and woods trees in sunderban area.

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This year (2012-13) we have target of 2,00,000 such plantations in Sunderban area. Click here to know who all donated till date.

You can be part of this initiative by donating trees and thereby providing Oxygen to our society. Click the respective button to get started …

  • Corporate Donors – Want to donate plants under your Corporate Sustainable Programme
  • Non-Profit Partners – Other Non-Profit Organizations want to be implementation partner with MUKTI to carry out the massive plantation in sunderban area.
  • Individual Donors – Want to donate plants for this Go Green initiatives of MUKTI


Corporate Donors Non-Profit Partners Individual Donors