Save The Sunderban CampaignSundarban, the delta of the river Ganges in the South 24 paraganas of West Bengal state in India is one of the wonders on Earth. A lush green forest of mangroves with its natural inhabitant, the well-known Royal Bengal tiger, made it attractive, curious and famous. Due to pollution and Global Warming the delta is submerging slowly into the Bay of Bengal. Hence, the existence of this delta and its habitants are in great danger. MUKTI along with Government of West Bengal has taken some steps to make awareness in people regarding this threat.

Awareness Camp

General Awareness and Campaigns – MUKTI organizes several awareness campaigns among the people of of Sunderban on What is Global Warming, How the inhabitants of Sunderban are affected by Global Warming, what is the importance of ecological balance, what will be the responsibility of people of Sunderban to fight against this climate change, how deforestation putting us into deep trouble, why we use renewable energy source more often, how our daily life can be more environmental friendly etc. MUKTI also works with several other non-profit organizations and Government authorities to conduct campaigns, seminars, workshops, educational sessions, rallies to enhance the general awareness and help people understand their responsibility. 

Plantation in SunderbanGo Green Plantation – Since 2008 MUKTI is executing several projects related to plantation and there by enhancing local economy as well. MUKTI has planted thousands of trees including Coconut, Devdaru, Sonajhuri, Wood and Fruit trees at costal bank of Bay of Bengal, river side lands, road sides and other designated areas in cooperation with local Government bodies, other non-profit organizations. In several places of Sunderban many Coconut nurseries were created and saplings from these nurseries are being further distributed among the villagers. This year we have taken a massive plantation initiatives in Sunderban area. We need your active help. Please visit our Go Green Plantation page for more details. 

Solar Light for VillagersRenewable Energy Initiatives – This is another major area where MUKTI is working very actively. Since 2009 under project GrEEN (Green Energy for Environment and Nature), MUKTI has set-up 7 different solar centers (each having capability of 50 Solar Lamps) in Sunderban. With very minimal cost to villagers these solar lamps are being used for household as well as local business purpose where electricity is still a dream. Under this initiative several sensitization workshops were carried out among the villagers and more similar sessions are in pipeline in near future. Capable young residents of these area are also getting trained on solar lamp troubleshooting and there by helping to boost the local economy as well.

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